Three Kings “Reyes Magos” Celebration in Spain

One interesting aspect of travelling the world and living in different places, is that I get to witness different cultural customs, like the Three Kings or “Reyes Magos”. You know how in so many countries you see Santa Claus decorating most households? Well, here in Spain, you will see something totally different! Santa Claus was […]

A Caribbean paradise called Saint Lucia

Santa Lucia Beach

Who hasn’t dreamed of a vacation on a tropical island? Saint Lucia was my first visit in the Caribbean, and I couldn’t have picked a better place to spend 3 weeks! Moments after takeoff I realised that I forgot my hand luggage in the airport, distracted by the duty free shopping 🙂 But the Virgin […]

Amsterdam and villages – bikes, yummy cheese and clogs

I wanted to visit Amsterdam for a while. I had an attempt in the spring of 2016, when I booked a flight to Brussels. After spending one day there I was supposed to connect to Amsterdam. Unfortunately just a couple days before my flight the explosions in the Brussels airport took place and I decided […]

Hong Kong, sneaker culture in the vertigo city

Since the first time I’ve seen pictures of the Hong Kong’s skyline, the tall buildings and of the tiny living spaces, I was curious to visit this wonderful island! It was always somewhere on the back of my mind that “someday” I will come here. Finally I decided to take action instead of just dreaming […]

Cappadocia, Turkey – a unique experience

Cappadocia, oh Cappadocia! What a unique beautiful surprise is this place! I would go back tomorrow, just for the atmosphere, and the beautiful caves setting. Cappadocia was the last stop in my 2 weeks spent in Turkey, with friends and family. Previously we went to Faralya, and to get to Cappadocia from there we had […]