Amsterdam and villages – bikes, yummy cheese and clogs

I wanted to visit Amsterdam for a while. I had an attempt in the spring of 2016, when I booked a flight to Brussels. After spending one day there I was supposed to connect to Amsterdam. Unfortunately just a couple days before my flight the explosions in the Brussels airport took place and I decided […]

Hong Kong, sneaker culture in the vertigo city

Since the first time I’ve seen pictures of the Hong Kong’s skyline, the tall buildings and of the tiny living spaces, I was curious to visit this wonderful island! It was always somewhere on the back of my mind that “someday” I will come here. Finally I decided to take action instead of just dreaming […]

Cappadocia, Turkey – a unique experience

Cappadocia, oh Cappadocia! What a unique beautiful surprise is this place! I would go back tomorrow, just for the atmosphere, and the beautiful caves setting. Cappadocia was the last stop in my 2 weeks spent in Turkey, with friends and family. Previously we went to Faralya, and to get to Cappadocia from there we had […]